Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miss You.

yes, i do miss you hell much.if i can turn back the time.i wish i could.i miss the things that we used to do, i miss our silly conversation, i just miss us.miss us like crazy.look, its a lot of 'miss' right.i really mean it.
i miss when we dont have that awkward moment like now.i know, we grwo up.i have to deal with this.but guys, youre the best thing that ever happened in my life no matter teach me what is life look alike.
thank you.

nad, ba, hotty, kamar, aja, haziq, adaa

ozzy, zikri, hotty, cien, jebat, hanger, hana

aja, uncle, adaa, ozzy, hotty, zikri


siti syuhada


uzair ismadi

zouk *haish, muka i buruk benar ni -.-"

zikri zaharudin

yes, i miss us.
i know this is pointless,
but i just miss us,
the way we used to be.

till then,


  1. I cried reading this.
    I miss everything that you miss.
    I miss you.
    I miss how we used to be.
    If only I could return to my past.

  2. i miss the moment but life must go on...
    one day we will met again with different personalities but still the same deep inside us :)

  3. miss kau jugak budak kecik bergigi besi..kau yg nakal yg ske BULI org len..hahaha... syg kau tot..